Without one or more site surveys, it is impossible to determine whether all or only some part of a building actually needs an ERRCS.

Site surveys provide baseline readings of the signal strength at the property – assuming the property is in some stage of construction. This will allow for a preliminary evaluation of the possible need for an ERRCS so that horizontal and vertical cable paths and/or conduit can be identified and installed. Once the building’s outer skin is up, a second site survey will determine the necessity of the ERRCS and identify areas of the building that require a network of antennas.

Problem Areas Will Be Identified

One of the top benefits of a site survey is that the problem areas of the building can be identified right away. This will determine if there are any metals or thick walls that may interfere with the radio signal. 

Safety Will Be Restored

It is important to consider this site survey method right away when you move into your building for safety reasons. Avoid the devastating outcomes that could occur with poor signal strength. In an emergency, it is vital that the first responders are able to communicate efficiently with no interference. Installing the proper Emergency Responder Radio Communications System is a matter of life or death in an emergency situation.

Security Will Be Protected

We know that the security of your business is vital, so we recommend getting a site survey done to help provide a safe and secure network. After your site survey, you will be able to optimize your network security and authorize only certain devices. The site survey will be able to locate areas with better security throughout your building. 

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