Public Safety Solutions has been a priority for many, for decades. Public safety
requires the absolute best operational software systems for first responders, which
need to be functional, everywhere.

When making the decision to invest in a PSIMS, there are several things to know.
Below, we break down a public safety management system, and what a great one
looks like.

What is a Public Safety Information Management System?
First and foremost, this system is not something for the everyday civilian. This type
of software solution is created with all law enforcement, fire, EMS, and countywide
public safety agencies in mind. A public safety information management system is a
solution software that is used for managing safety risks.

PSIMS should be able to handle everything from 911 calls to the release of prisoners,
and they need to be accessible everywhere, wirelessly, and in a single solution.

What Should an Effective Public Safety Information Management System Do?
To be effective, the system should: work anywhere and everywhere, have a
familiarity of technology that you are already trained in, manage your cases with full
case entry and editing, and have the ability to get a live feed from external CAD or
initiate your own call, print proper paper forms, keep a staff module, keep pertinent
statistics in a dashboard, and keep frequent updates for new warrants, gun permits,
and more.

Lastly, a public safety information management device suite needs to offer a host of
applications at your fingertips, with a layout that fits the device you choose.
Public safety is the function of governments, which ensures the protection of
citizens against threats to their wellbeing and to the prosperity of their

An integrated PSIMS suite is ideal for police, sheriff, fire, EMS, civil, and jail
personnel. It is feature-rich and priced at a level that is affordable for most medium-sized
First Responder organizations.

If you are interested in learning more about Cushing’s PSIMS or about the other
services we provide, please call our office in San Francisco. We look forward to helping you.