The design and installation of an ERRCS is governed by local, state and national codes that are interpreted and enforced by the so-called Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), typically the Fire Marshall in most locales.

The post-installation testing must meet certain guidelines to secure a “Pass” designation that is required for project closure, AHJ sign-off and the issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

Owners and developers need to remember, however, that there are typically mandatory Annual Inspections, like sprinkler and Fire Alarm systems. The purpose of annual in-building radio systems test is to verify that the in-building public safety radio system still meets local code requirements, some part of which may have changed over the past year.

Specifically, these annual tests are designed to detect any issues related to coverage, interference or equipment malfunction. Any failed test will likely necessitate additional investigation and more testing. IBWS’s history with these systems is that most substantive code changes are communicated by the AHJ via a letter to the building owner or manager. This then allows the owner to fix any issues (e.g., adding new frequencies) before the next inspection is performed.

The outcome of this test is the authorization to continue transmission of the licensed public safety frequencies.

IBWS works with building owners and managers to perform these Annual Inspections. If you’d like additional information about this and the other ERRCS services we provide, please contact us.