For many Police and Sheriff’s Departments, , Computed-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems are outdated, but functional. Given the financial constraints of most departments, systems typically need to last from 7 to 10 years. And if the vendor hasn’t been diligent in keeping up-to-date, the system can lack a number of improvements and enhancements that would improve its functionality. The end result of this is that dispatchers, callers, and first responders are utilizing sub-par systems who use can lead to tragedies that could have been prevented.

These tragedies can be avoided with better CAD technology – in particular, a comprehensive system that is created specifically with the needs of dispatchers and officers in mind and has an open-architecture that allows for connectivity to other systems at affordable interface expenses.

Every firefighter, police officer, or EMS personnel knows that their radio is their lifeline. Voice communication will always be the “killer-app” for public safety. But every 911 call is processed through a CAD system that must be architected to deliver all of the necessary information in one single, easy-to-use interface. Adding complexity to a CAD system can often increase response times and potential software issues, so product enhancements need to balance improved functionality with complexity.

From a single standalone workstation to a complex multi-user, multi-PSAPS environment, PSIMS CAD delivers ease-of-use with minimal entry for maximum information. Clear intuitive screens with minimal fill requirements allow for rapid entry of significant data. When combined with PSIMS RMS, departments can have a complete and powerful solution to incident and case information management.

Cushing Systems’ PSIMS CAD software also provides a dynamic plotting system for 911 pop-up screens with maps. That way, our first responders have a clear path to the scene, with the optional support of Google or the department’s own mapping software.

Now, police, fire, and EMS departments can view real-time integrated state interfaces within multiple departments, detailing incident content and detailed activity logs.

As technology evolves, the team at In-Building Wireless Solutions and its software partner Cushing Systems are excited to market a next-generation system that can grow with our customers and continue to provide First Responders with the best situational intelligence available. Because every day, when first responders risk their lives to save others, it is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that they have access to the best technology available.

To learn more about the industry’s best CAD and integrated public safety software, please contact our office in San Francisco. We look forward to helping bring your EMS, Fire, or police team to the next level of public safety with our integrated PSIMS product line.

Finally, and unlike many other vendors, Cushing is transparent about its prices. We believe having the best product means nothing if departments cannot afford it. Our software prices are listed on our website and completely integrated systems (CAD, RMS, Mobile, Civil, Jail) can be purchased for under $150,000. So if you’re in the market for a new system, give us a call to schedule an online demo.