“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” William Shakespeare penned this line in Romeo and Juliet to suggest that the naming of things is irrelevant. Perhaps Mr. Shakespeare would have thought differently if he wanted that name’s Google search ranking to be on page 1!

What’s the Difference?

The reality is that an Emergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS) is the same as an Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System (ERCES). We favor “ERRCS” and have spent a fair amount of marketing dollars trying to get In-Building Wireless Solutions to come up on Google when you search for that. The Safer Buildings and UL folks seem to like ERCES.

We’ve got an entire presentation entitled “What’s an ERRCS?” When I get the call from the customer who wants the simple explanation, I tell them: it’s a system to make sure first responder radios work inside a building. But at the end of the day, ERRCS does equal ERCES.

ERRCS Acronym

I was recently forwarded a letter from the San Francisco Fire Department where they reference both those acronyms and one other: “ERCCS”. From the letter: “Section 105.5.61 of the SFFC requires an operational permit to operation an ERRCS/ERCCS/ERCES.” I’m guessing ERCCS is an “Emergency Responder Communication Coverage System”, but Mr. Google suggests it might be “Effort-Related Chronic Compartment Syndrome”. I don’t have any idea what that Syndrome is…but it sounds like something a grad school psych major came up with.

Modern Day Internet Searches

The acronym is important because that’s how people search and find your company. Back in the old days before the Internet and millennials there were these things called phone books. If you wanted to find a company you went to the yellow pages. You’d locate a category, say “plumbers”, and then the companies would be alphabetized. So, you’d get companies like “AAAA Plumbing”, which were the first ones to come up.  The poor soul who’d named his company “Zyznik Plumbing” probably didn’t get many customers. Once you found the company, you then went over to your rotary phone and called them! No one wanted numbers with 9s or zero because the dialing took too long.

Contact Us

Well, the good old days are over. We find businesses by using Search in whatever browser we use. When someone searches “ERRCS” they’ll probably find us. If they search “ERCES”, they may not. So, remember, it’s ERRCS not ERCES. Today you can skip the search and just click here to learn more about our services and to contact us.