I’ve always believed that getting any consortium together to advance a nationwide common goal is a tough road in this country. The goals of FirstNet are admittedly admirable and worth taxpayer money. This country continues to be plagued by public safety systems that don’t interoperate – voice and data. Each state has its own NCIC feed; every municality has a Records Management System that may or may not be connected to its neighbor; radio systems are on different frequencies; police and fire may have separate dispatch systems…etc etc etc.

So along comes FirstNet to provide a nation-wide interoperable radio system for voice and data. The bid goes out and is eventually awarded to AT&T. Its arch enemy Verizon has now entered the arena with what Seybold is calling SecondNet in his article in Allthingsfirstnet. It’s a pretty rough analysis of Verizon’s motives and modus operandi. Do you agree with the analysis? Let me know.