Don’t let the lack of an In-Building Communications System be the reason the public and public safety responders get injured in an emergency situation. 

Far too often in past emergency situations, we have seen firefighters and personnel get trapped and even injured in-building fires due to the lack of being able to communicate with their crew. As long as we let history repeat itself with these tragic events, it will. That’s why In-Building Wireless Solutions is dedicated to helping you figure out the regulations your city has for your building when it comes to Emergency Response Radio Communication Systems and helping you find a time team of professionals who can install the right system for you. 

As a business owner, it’s important to ensure that your customers feel safe inside your building, and with that comes the need for an ERRC system to be installed. These systems have actually become a required in-building network in many municipalities around the country. The requirements for such systems are typically outlined by an entity called the “Authority Having Jurisdiction” or AHJ. The AHJ is typically the local Fire Marshall and is the first contact point for anyone attempting to acquire information about the local code requirements. An ERRCS looks much like an Over-The-Air Cellular DAS in some respects. It uses a donor antenna to receive the radio signals from the local first responder network – signals that operate on private frequencies. These signals are then re-amplified in the building at the required locations. 

On our website, we actually have a map laid out with the requirements in each city that is constantly being updated to ensure that you have the right code at all times. You can view it here. If you have been given a specific code for your building and are unsure as to what it means, we would love to help you. Contact In-Building Wireless Solutions for a site survey price proposal for your building by calling us at (415) 738-6895. You can also fill out this form on our website.