Emergency First Responders use portable radio systems when navigating through the neighborhoods and hazardous area conditions caused by fire. Having the proper forms of communication and the advanced signal connection can be a life-saving tool for a Firefighter on duty. Large commercial buildings require a more advanced ERRCs system to be installed for this reason alone.

The radio system firefighters communicate on is called an LMRs. It is essential that these radios work properly no matter where a first responder may be so that if they are calling out for help, they will be heard. In large commercial buildings, high-rise or underground buildings, sometimes this signal can be inhibited due to the construction features on the building. When this is the case, property owners are required to put in a more advanced, two-way form of the communication system.

One way to help with this signal interruption is by installing a distributed antenna system that provides an RF signal to a portable radio, such as the LMRs, within the building. According to the Fire Rescue Magazine, “At the head-end of the DAS, a base station or repeater provides the signal. The main hub takes that signal, digitizes it, and distributes it to other hubs and radios via a high-bandwidth fiber-optic network. At each remote hub, the device converts the signals from digital to RF and from RF to digital and distributes the RF signal over the distributed antenna covering a portion of a building.” By doing so, the DAS is able to then transport the mobile signal at an advanced strength to any remote antenna connected.

In-building Emergency Radio Communication Systems should be taken seriously. They can be cost-effective and reliable tools for when firefighters are communicating during emergency situations. By installing this two-way communication system in your building, you are enhancing the communication capabilities for all involved, in case an emergency did take place.

Looking To Install An ERRCs or DAS In Your Building?

Whether you need a brand-new communications setup or some accessories for your existing system, our experts can handle all of your agency’s needs. We design code-compliant ERRCs, and assist with coming up with a realistic projection of systems cost before your construction begins. In-Building Wireless Solutions has the tools, code understanding, and technology background to provide a code-compliant system allowing first responder communication systems to work effectively when needed and keep building occupants safe. Contact us now to learn more or find radio communication solutions that will fit within your existing network.