Installing an Emergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS) in your commercial building will help prevent wireless dead zones from cutting off communications with First Responders and other civilians in the building in the midst of an emergency situation.

It is vital that First Responders are able to communicate with everyone inside a building via their radio system. They need to be able to communicate with each other inside and outside no matter where they are at in the commercial space.

Civilians in the building also need to be able to communicate with each other and make 9-1-1 calls wherever they may be inside the building without dead zones interfering.

At In-Building Wireless Solutions, we recommend scheduling a site survey to evaluate your building, find the dead zone areas, and install an ERRCS to ensure that no line of communication will be blocked.

Help keep the First Responders and customers in your building safe by installing your ERRCS today. To schedule your site survey, visit us here.