Did you know that there are typically four stages to an Emergency Responder Radio Communications Systems project? If you are a new business owner wondering whether your building falls under the jurisdiction of needing a system put into place, you may find this information helpful.

Review The Building Plans

1) If the building is still in the planning stage, a review of architectural plans prior to construction is necessary to ensure the appropriate infrastructure is in place should the building need an ERRCS.

An ERRCS Will Be Needed

2) For the most part, developers/owners should assume an ERRCS will be needed, and a design package should be submitted to the AHJ for approval and permit.

Begin Your Site Survey

3) At the relevant point of construction, a site survey and Grid test should be performed to determine if the building passes or fails

What Happens If The Building Passes Or Fails?

4) If the building passes, an exemption can be provided to the AHJ by the FCC GROL certified technician who performed the test; if it fails, the owner/developer has an approved design and test report to solicit installation bids from ERRCS integrators.


If you are unsure of the codes and regulations in your area, we’ve put together this helpful ERRCS map for you. Click the button below to check it out.

Schedule Your Site Survey Today!

This ERRCS process is timely and confusing and varies somewhat by jurisdiction. If you need help navigating the process, please reach out to IBWS. You can do so by visiting our website.