The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Code Council (ICC) have developed national model codes to address in-building wireless communications. These codes include the National Fire Code, National Electrical Code, and the International Building Code.

Almost every city and county in the United States subscribes to and complies with one or more of these codes. The NFPA and ICC continue to develop national-level models focused on in-building public safety communication systems.

Codes at the national level should also result in standardization of equipment quality and an increase in qualified in-building engineers and installers.

NFPA and ICC national-level code development initiatives are being driven primarily by fire jurisdictions, but the initiatives are now being expanded to make public safety, including law enforcement and emergency medical services, a priority. Even though the precise provisions of the draft codes differ between the two code development groups, there are many commonalities between both efforts. Additionally, all the features of existing local codes are applicable to the new draft national-level code framework. Every jurisdiction can “customize” the national level model code to meet its unique requirements.

As a condition of occupancy, several jurisdictions have enacted or are considering enacting local ordinances and codes requiring reliable public safety communications systems within buildings.

In most cases, these codes and ordinances include the following:

  • A minimum strength limit for the signal
  • Application of the limit across a certain percentage of each floor
  • There must be a specific level of reliability (power backup, water protection, cable protection)
  • Public safety coverage must be provided by a specific frequency band or bands
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance Standards; Testing requirements and procedures
  • Annual Inspection requirements
  • There are provisions for waivers of the requirements based on factors like building size

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