Who Pays For The ERRCS?

A question that gets asked frequently from business owners learning about the ERRCS codes and requirements, is Who pays for the Emergency Response Radio Communication System?”

All ERRCS is the financial responsibility of the building owner. Although some wireless carriers or third party operators will often finance a Cellular DAS, they never fund or operate an ERRCS. Many building owners chafe at the added responsibility of paying for a system that is designed to cover the perceived deficiencies of a county radio network; but, in this era of ubiquitous communications, it has been deemed by most local and state governments a critical component of “life safety.”

Additional Costs, Risks, & Liability

It’s equally important to remember that there are potential costs, risks, and liability factors associated with the performance, maintenance, and re-certifications of the ERRCS. Systems will typically need an annual inspection and there are periodic technology upgrades that will need to be performed – these are often the result of changes to the relevant codes and ordinances. Building owners will want to factor in those costs after the initial installation of their system.

Ready To Get Started?

If you are ready to speak with someone about your ERRCS requirements, contact In-Building Wireless Solutions by visiting our website. This ERRCS process is timely and confusing and varies by jurisdiction. If you need help navigating the process, please reach out to IBWS by visiting us here.