An intriguing article by AV Magazine, the original article can be found HERE. “Whether you work from home and have roommates, or spend your work days in an office with thirty co-workers, sharing an internet connection can cause problems, and get complicated. In the coming years we will certainly see new tech being developed to address these increasingly important issues, you can read below about one company who has already started.”

By AV Magazine

With shared workspaces and touch under scrutiny, resellers and integrators need the right tools for this and other challenges. Stuart Lockhart explains how the TC-Wireless can help.

Right now, we’re in a period where cohabitation in office-based, shared working spaces is under immense scrutiny. Previously simple and arbitrary tasks, like opening the door, making a coffee or just turning on a screen are done with great caution. So too is the simple act of just being in a space with one and other.

A key common denominator here is shared touch. Sharing of objects and surfaces is now a massive no-no and distancing measures are here to stay for the foreseeable future. The whole concept of meeting and co-working spaces has been turned on its head. So now more than ever it’s crucial that resellers and integrators have the right tools and solutions at their disposal.

This year we’ve been working launching the TC-Wireless, a truly bleeding-edge answer to this. It’s not just a quick fix solution for right now. It’s a future-proof workspace solution that will seek to ease the burden on the installation and integration process, as well as the collaboration and cohabitation process.

The premise is fairly simple. It’s a wireless transmitter and receiver which runs across the same frequencies as 5GHz Wi-Fi and delivers users a means of displaying visual content without the need for cabling.

Sounds simple, but this is a game-changer in so many ways.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to run cables into an interactive display and to spec wireless alternatives which can accommodate countless different devices can be uneconomical and ultimately inefficient for end users.

Using the TC-Wireless, devices can simply connect and cast with ease. It also supports AirPlay, so any participants operating an Apple device can utilise the native screen mirroring. Android users need only download an app to achieve the same functionality.

So from an integrator and an end-user perspective, the TC ticks all the boxes… and it ticks even more from a customisation perspective.

Frequencies can be manually set to avoid busy channels; homescreens, screensavers and background images can be personalised to the user. From a security and device management perspective, the user has full access to SSID, password control, firmware updates as well as AirPlay and Android support

As we move forward into 2021 and beyond it’s going to become increasingly more important that, no matter what the industry, our relative toolboxes for success are equipped with the means to make us all as flexible and efficient as possible.

Stuart Lockhart is the managing director of Vision Audio Visual. For more details on the TC-Wireless visit